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RoadPro Assistance: Brakes Service

For RoadPro Assistance, every bolt and part of your truck is vital to your road safety. That's why we make sure your brakes are working perfectly. When you visit our workshop, we check everything from the condition of the brake pads to signs of wear.

At RoadPro Assistance we understand that safety is a top priority, so with our brakes service you have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of experts committed to your protection. Here are more details about our brake service.

Brakes Service Offered by RoadPro Assistance

RoadPro Assistance is proud to offer a wide range of brake services designed to keep your truck safe. These range from preventive maintenance to complete repairs, to provide solutions tailored to your needs.
With the experience of our mechanics and our 24-hour availability, we guarantee a reliable and quality brakes service to get you back on the road with total peace of mind. See below what our brakes service consists of.

Brake Maintenance and Adjustment

Our experts perform thorough brake inspections, including checking brake pads, discs, drums and brake fluid. They also adjust and lubricate components as needed to ensure smooth operation.
Depending on the scope of service and the needs of the vehicle, brake maintenance and adjustment is completed in a reasonable amount of time, usually within a few hours.

At RoadPro Assistance we specialize in providing reliable brake system maintenance and repair solutions. More details here 👆

The importance of this brake service lies in its ability to prevent future problems and ensure optimum braking system performance. By keeping your brakes in good condition, you reduce the risk of sudden brake failure and extend component life. With RoadPro, you can trust that your brakes will receive the care they need.

Brake Repair

In the brake repair process, our team of experts begins by performing a thorough diagnosis to identify the specific problem in the braking system. We use specialized tools and equipment, such as diagnostic scanners and brake pressure gauges, to obtain accurate information about the condition of the components.
Once the root cause of the problem has been identified, we proceed to carry out the necessary repairs. This may involve the replacement of worn brake pads, damaged discs or defective cylinders, among other components.
We also make fine adjustments to the system, such as bleeding the brake fluid to remove any trapped air and adjusting the brake pressure to the manufacturer's specifications.
Other services offered at RoadPro Assistance include: air valve repair, coolant leak repair, Gladhand maintenance, Tri Way line replacement, and hydraulic and suspension repair. We also have PM service, forced regens, bushing replacement; horsepower repair, air valves, coolant leaks and lift gates.

Brakes System Components Replacement

When it comes to our brakes service, we make sure to use high quality spare parts and follow the procedures recommended by the manufacturers for each type of repair. The entire process is carried out in an efficient and professional manner, with the goal of minimizing vehicle downtime.
We are in charge of identifying and replacing all those elements that are worn, damaged or that present some type of defect in the braking system. Some of the parts that are replaced are: brake pads, brake discs, wheel cylinders, brake hoses and other general spare parts for trailers.

Brake System Preventive Maintenance

Having your truck's brake system preventively maintained is essential to ensure its protection and optimal performance. Brakes play a crucial role in road safety by helping to stop the vehicle effectively and quickly in any situation.
Without proper maintenance, brake system components can wear or deteriorate over time. This leads to a decrease in braking performance and increases the risk of accidents.
The regular brake maintenance service we offer at RoadPro Assistance helps identify and correct any potential problems before  they become a dangerous situation on the road. Preventive brake care is a proactive measure that contributes significantly to overall trailer safety and performance.
Below, we discuss the signs and the right time to have your truck serviced.

When to Check the Brakes?

Regular brake inspections every 3,000 miles or at every oil change are essential to keep your brakes in top condition. In addition, if you notice any of the following signs, it is important that you contact us for brakes service immediately:

  • Unusual noises when the brake pedal is pressed.

  • Observe brake fluid splashing on the outside of a wheel.

  • Strange odors, like burning.

  • Tilting the vehicle to one side when braking.

  • If the brake pedal or steering wheel shakes when stopping the truck.

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Signs of Wear in the Brake System

It is crucial to be alert to signs of brake wear to ensure safe travel. You can do this by listening carefully for any unusual braking noises and watching for unexpected vehicle movement when stopping.
Measuring the stopping distance and checking if the brake system warning light is illuminated on the dashboard will also help you recognize signs of wear. In case you identify a problem, don't hesitate to call us so that our team can solve it in a timely manner.

Brake Care Recommendations

When we travel on the road it is essential that our truck stops safely, for which the braking system must work optimally. Although today we have very advanced braking systems, they still require care and attention to keep us safe. Follow these tips to take care of your vehicle's brakes:

  • Avoid sudden braking and try to maintain prudent speeds to avoid premature wear and continuous braking.

  • Replace the brakes pads after 50,000 miles or after four years of driving.

  • Pay attention to vibrations or noises when braking, as these could indicate problems with parts or wheel imbalances.

  • If you feel the brake pedal is sunk, check the condition of the brake discs and the brake fluid level to avoid braking efficiency problems.

  • Keep the brake pads regularly lubricated.

  • Bleed the brake system at least once a year to remove any trapped air to maintain braking efficiency.

At RoadPro Assistance, we prioritize customer satisfaction by striving to provide reliable, quality brake system maintenance and repair solutions. Trust our team of experts to provide you with exceptional brakes service and resolve any problems with your truck.

Contact us today to keep your trailer in perfect working and safe condition. We also invite you to check out our blog, where you will find useful tips and important information about the care and maintenance of your brakes.