Computerized Diagnostics

Computerized Diagnostics for Trucks in Atlanta

If you're looking for computer diagnosis for trucks or semi-trailers, RoadPro offers guaranteed quality. Our specialists with years of experience know how to run a diagnostic and resolve detected faults, so you can leave it in our veteran hands.If you still have any doubts, we will now take a look at our services and the reasons why you should hire us:

What Is Computer Diagnostics For Trucks?

A computer diagnosis is carried out tomake an in-depth check of the truck's sensors, mechanisms and actuators. To perform it, a specific scanner is used, which is connected to the DLC (Data Link Connector). Through a screen on the scanner, the specialist can observe the status of each of the vehicle's systems.

It is ideal to make the diagnosis frequently, as part of a general maintenance, but the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic System) can pick up a fault and "request" the diagnosis. When this happens, a yellow light appears on the dashboard, normally with the texts service engine soonservcheck engine...

What Can Computer Diagnostics for Semi-Trailers Reveal?

The data produced by a computerized diagnosis is directly related to the performance of each truck's computer. That is, the more systems that are connected to the virtual brain, the more scope the analysis will cover. However, this is the data that is usually visible on all semi-trailers:

  • Motor speeds.
  • ABS brake cable tension.
  • Battery voltage.
  • Damage to any of the sensors.
  • Fuel consumption efficiency.
  • Electrical damage to the lighting system.
  • Operation of the refrigeration system.

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Other RoadPro Services

Computer diagnosis for trucks is only the first step. To proceed correctly, you need a specialist to repair the fault.

RoadPro covers a wide range of services, including the following:

Hydraulic Brakes

Having functional brakes is crucial before embarking on any trip, especially when it comes to heavy-duty vehicles. Don't be alarmed if your brakes are malfunctioning, at Road Pro we are specialists in hydraulic brake repair and maintenance.

Hydraulic Suspension Repair

This system must be checked regularly, which we can do. But in case the diagnosis shows a related problem, or you are in an emergency, we will act quickly and efficiently.

Hub Replacement

It is common for the hub to fail on trucks, causing serious transmission problems. At RoadPro we can repair or replace this part without taking more than a few minutes.


Oils & Lubricants

We offer the best lubricants to keep your truck's engine running smoothly - there's nothing better than a well-oiled gear!

Truck Fleet Engine Rebuilds

In the event that you have a fleet of trucks and need to make repairs or diagnostics to several units, we are ready and willing to do it.

Gladhand and Tri Way Line Replacement

It is common to encounter problems in these two systems during computer diagnosis. Still, it is not a cause for concern, as long as you have RoadPro.

Fuel Filters - Oil Filters - AC Filters

The proper functioning of your truck is directly related to the condition of the respective filters. Fortunately, when we do roadside assistance, we carry with us the best filter spare parts.

Air Conditioning Repair

If you drive a truck, you know that comfort plays a very important role, so having a good cab temperature is essential. We can repair your AC so that it works like never before and you can travel without sweltering.

However, we know that an overly comfortable truck can also become a problem if you're an easy sleeper. Check out these tips for staying awake behind the wheel. But remember to always stick to your sleep schedule and make the necessary stops to rest.

Repair Of Lift Gates

Thousands of dollars have been known to be lost due to a malfunctioning liftgate. If this is the case with your trailer, let us do the work and your liftgate will be as secure as a bank vault.

Coolant Leak Sealing

This is a job that we can execute in record time and will hardly take any time away from your journey on the road.

Other Services

  • Spare parts for trailers.
  • Transmission spare parts.
  • PM Service.
  • Brake service.
  • Synchronization of codes on the board.
  • Horse repairs.

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