Truck Box Repair

Truck Box Repair

At RoadPro Assistance we have the best repair service for reefer box trucks, refrigerated box truck repair, dry freight truck repair, curtain side truck repair and other types of heavy duty vehicles.

Mostly known as gearbox, this piece is one of the most important components of any vehicle. It allows the driver to adopt the speed he needs during the journey. When this component is damaged, it completely immobilizes the vehicle.

The repair of truck boxes should be carried out by specialized mechanics to ensure their proper functioning, read on and discover all our truck box repair services!

truck box repair

When to request a Truck Box Repair Service?

RoadPro Assistance has the best team of mechanics to solve any failure that your truck may have. The box repair is one of our services.

The service life of gearboxes varies greatly depending on how they have been used, but they generally last as long as the truck. Before they are completely damaged, gearboxes exhibit certain "symptoms" that you should watch out for. Contact RoadPro for the following failures:

1. Burnt oil smell: this is an indication that your gearbox is not working properly. Overheating in the transmission generates this smell. The oil is in charge of keeping it lubricated and at the right temperature. When the oil is not the right one, the gearbox may fail.

2. Noise when shifting gears: this is due to low transmission fluid level or mechanical failure. In the case of the fluid level, it is necessary to change it. Also check the condition of the rings, because it is another component that tends to generate failures in the gearbox.

3. Difficulty in shifting: this indicates a fault in the shift cables, poor clutch connection, wear of the balls or lack of transmission fluid. It happens in manual gearboxes. In this case, the cable system must be adjusted.

4. Clutch engagement: occurs when clutch discs or shift cables fail.

5. Shift bounce: this is perhaps one of the most alarming symptoms. Generally, when this occurs, it is necessary to completely change the gearbox.

6. Fluid leakage: This symptom is easier to fix. However, it should be taken care of as soon as possible. It involves fixing the case gaskets.

7. Instability in the truck: when you make a change and the truck vibrates, it reveals that there is a fault in the gearbox, which can be anything from a lack of transmission fluid to broken parts in the gearbox.

Types of Truck Boxes We Repair at RoadPro

In the past, most of the boxes for cargo vehicles came from farm tractors. Industries designed trucks that way because of the proximity of the drivers to the farming practice and the use of tractors.

Nowadays the industry builds and designs gearboxes according to the different contexts of most of its drivers. At RoadPro we repair any of the types of truck gearboxes, of these the most common are:

Automatic Transmission Gearboxes

Known as automatic gearbox, it has an internal structure similar to the synchronous gearbox. The difference is that in this one the driver does not intervene directly in the speed changes. It is designed so that the servos are controlled by a computer that identifies the need for speed.

Some drivers achieve higher profits in this type of box for the following reasons:

  • greater ease of use when driving.

  • better fuel efficiency.

  • longer service life.

  • higher speed in acceleration.

Planetary Gear Automatic Transmission Gearboxes

This is the type of automatic gearbox most commonly used in ordinary vehicles. In heavy-duty trucks such as refrigerated trucks, dry freight trucks and curtain trucks, these boxes are not used for safety reasons.

This box operates by means of power-transferring clutches that are hydraulically controlled. These clutches are prone to slipping. When descending a steep grade, the engine needs the back pressure to control speed safely. If the clutches slip while descending a grade, the vehicle could accelerate and the driver would lose control.

Manual Transmission Boxes

Manual Transmission Boxes

Commonly known as synchronous gearboxes, they are those that require the driver's intervention to change gears. In the case of truck gearboxes, most of them operate without synchronizers to facilitate shifting.

The rings engage between the gears of the gearbox and allow the driver to shift without having to perfectly match the revolutions per minute.

There are small differences between manual transmissions:

• Gearbox with straight teeth: they have a rather robust design and are used in vehicles and sporting events for competition. They have the characteristic of being noisy and a little ordinary, because they do not have a synchronization mechanism. This gearbox does not need the clutch to shift, which facilitates its use.

• Gearboxes with helical teeth: they have an inclined toothed gear with a helical curve, hence their name. They are characterized by being less noisy and easy to operate thanks to intermediate discs called synchros.

Truck Box Maintenance Tips

Although everything has an expiration time, good maintenance for your truck bed can keep it running for a long time. Here are some tips to keep your truck bed in good condition:

• Preventive maintenance: prevention is the secret to extend the useful life of vehicles. Do not neglect the maintenance and permanent diagnosis of your truck.

• Use quality oil: the quality of the oil makes a difference in the use and lubrication of the gearbox.

• Make a periodic oil change: it is recommended that an oil change be made every 25,000 km.

• Maintenance on the oil filters: this ensures that the oil passing into the engine is clean.

• Smooth shifting: allows for servo care and greater durability.

• Avoid excessive use of the clutch: this way you take care of the bearings.

• Avoid backing up when the truck is moving: each change requires a pause, especially when backing up.

Repair your Truck Box

At RoadPro Assistance we know that your time is valuable. That's why we have the best team of mechanics to dry freight box truck repair. We are an agency specialized in the repair and maintenance of all types of heavy trucks.

We have the technology and machinery to effectively solve the breakdown of your vehicle. Do not hesitate to contact us through our different means:

  • By telephone at +1 470-750-2555.

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Our services cover all of Atlanta and 100 miles around it. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us and get your free global estimate, thank you for choosing us!

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