Truck Fleet Repair

Truck Fleet Repair

Ensuring the performance of a fleet of trucks starts with the right repairs and the help of qualified technicians. RoadPro Assistance provides you with the best mechanics in Atlanta, ready to take on big challenges.Both, commercial truck repair and preventive maintenance, will help keep your entire fleet truck running smoothly. Give your units the best treatment and boost their operability to avoid delivery delays.

Our Truck Fleet Repair Services

RoadPro Assistance offers you the most complete services to repair your fleet's trucks efficiently and reliably. Find out what they are below:

1.Hydraulic and Suspension Repair

Having a good suspension system avoids anomalies in the truck's movement when braking or accelerating. The stability of the load depends on whether the truck moves forward when braking or backward if you accelerate. If this happens, it is an indicator that the suspension needs repair.
On the other hand, the hydraulic system allows the different impacts of the tire on the road to be absorbed. Both systems need preventive maintenance, but with the help of our team you can request a complete repair.

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2.Engine Rebuilding

Repairing fleet truck is a big commitment, especially when the engine is down and needs to be rebuilt. RoadPro Assistance's team of mechanics is trained to repair diesel engines on all types of commercial trucks.In addition, we are committed to ensuring that the truck's engine has the performance needed to transport the cargo. Every single engine component is under our responsibility, that's why we offer guaranteed work.

3.Preventive Maintenance

With preventive truck maintenance, failures in the engine, wheels, brakes and other areas are diagnosed in time. Periodic maintenance avoids major expenses for repairs that can be diagnosed in time.Don't let breakdowns take you by surprise. Schedule a maintenance service with RoadPro Assistance and extend the life of your truck fleet.

4.Brake Service

With RoadPro you have the assurance that your truck's braking system will perform accurately. Our service is focused on providing the utmost safety when it comes to the well-being of our customers and their fleet truck.Leave brake repair in the hands of our qualified technicians. They will adjust and replace the necessary parts to keep your truck's brakes working optimally.

5.Tire Change

We have new and used tires of the most recognized brands for all truck models. Our tire replacement service for truck fleets includes:Tire rotation.Tire balancing.Alignment.Diagnosis and monitoring of wheel operation.

6.Oil and Lubricants

Adequate supply of oil and lubricants prevents overheating of the unit's engine. At RoadPro Assistance we ensure that oil, coolant and lubricant levels are at the proper level.
We also do oil changes according to the type of truck and the viscosity percentage you need. We work with the best quality products to guarantee long lasting results.

7.Repair of Lift Gates

The trailer is vital for carrying cargo. The lift gates are the component that provides the safety of the products you transport. That's why, in addition to maintenance, we repair the doors of your truck to extend their useful life.
According to the type of cargo, the type of door changes. In the case of refrigerated trailers, it is necessary that the door has a good seal. If your fleet of trucks transports dry goods, you need the hinged doors to be well lubricated and secured.
Whatever the case, RoadPro's team will be able to help you keep your fleet truck doors in good condition.

Why Do Atlanta Clients Prefer RoadPro?

At RoadPro Assistance we provide our services throughout Atlanta and 100 miles around. Our customers recommend us because we are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

No matter where you are, we will come to you if you need truck fleet repair service. We also offer roadside assistance for commercial truck repair. Here are some of the cities covered by RoadPro:

  • Alpharetta
  • Marietta
  • Douglasville
  • Gainesville
  • Athens
  • Newnan
  • Cartersville
  • Macon
  • Rome
  • Dalton
  • Helen and many more.

RoadPro Assistance: Experts in Truck Fleet Repairs

Call us now and get in touch with the most recommended fleet truck repair experts in Atlanta. We are known for efficiency and excellence in repairing diesel-powered vehicles.Our mobile assistance is immediate, we are ready to repair almost any type of breakdown. Leave your truck in the hands of our professionals so that its performance is impeccable. Request your free quote here