Truck Refeer

Truck Reefer

Keeping safe the frozen food cargo depends on the proper functioning of the unit that transports it. The truck reefer requires repairs and care to carry the products in an environment that allows their preservation.

Truck Reefer Repair in Atlanta

RoadPro Assistance will fix your refrigerated truck breakdown as you travel through Atlanta and the surrounding 100 miles. What mechanical repair services can you request from our experts?

• Tire replacement and repair.

• Repair of the electrical system.

• Computerized diagnostics.

• Oil and coolant change.

Even if you do preventive checks before the trip, there are accidents that are out of you hands. RoadPro is your mobile workshop ally to go get you back on track without major setbacks and delays

we offer you the best maintenance for your truck reefer when you are on the road

Why call RoadPro Assistance?

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Contacting us is very simple, dial +1 470-750-2555 and you will get immediate attention. You can also send an email to the following address looking for quality, low-budget truck repairs call RoadPro. This is due to the personalized attention and repair services performed by carefully selected mechanics.In addition, if the unit needs a replacement part, RoadPro can get it for you. There are other RoadPro features that benefit drivers when mechanical problems occur on the road:

Qualified Electrical Mechanics

With the help of RoadPro's expert electricians, it is possible to get solutions to various electrical problems in your truck reefer. Whether it's lighting, refrigeration, wiring or battery failure, you'll receive proper diagnosis and repair on the unit.

Advanced software to perform thorough checks on the electrical system will help to obtain an accurate and quality repair. Hand in hand with the proven expertise of the electrical mechanics, the refrigerated trailer will keep the temperature constant and active.

Expert Diesel Engine Mechanics

The transport unit carrying refrigerated loads tends to require greater resources. Therefore, the engine must respond satisfactorily to all conditions and scenarios.

With the comprehensive engine care provided by the team of mechanics at RoadPro, you'll find solutions to your problems:

  • Oil and coolant leaks.

  • Brake system failures

  • Exhaust malfunctions

  • Problems in the running-in system

When you make your request, please inform us of the type of care and repair the unit requires. RoadPro vans will be equipped with the complete tools and equipment to get to work.

24-hour Roadside Assistance

Get in touch with RoadPro Assistance specialists at any time! Every day of the week, including holidays, you can count on mobile truck repair support.

Accidents can happen late at night, with the availability of RoadPro equipment you won't have to wait any longer. It is important to save on towing costs to move the refrigerated truck to a repair shop. With RoadPro's mobile roadside assistance it is possible.

24-hour Roadside Assistance

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance

By contratcting Mechanical assistance services to perform the necessary maintenance for your truck, you will obtain beneficial results:

• Cleaning prevents the accumulation of bacteria and other micoorganisms that threaten the preservation of the product.

• Preventive care and maintenance on the refrigeration unit will function optimally. Consequently, the load will be out danger when a constant temperature in maintained.

• Keeping a temperature monitor on the refrigerated trailer detects any anomalies in the cooling system. This allows you to make the necessary adjustements before it breaks down completely.

• Obtaining a diagnosis of the seal on the doors is paramount so that the temperature of the unit is preserved. If the chamber is not completely sealed, it is necessary to replace the rubber seal.

• The engine and tires also require attention. Tires in good condition allow better stability on the road for safe travel.

For this type breakdonws on the road, RoadPro assistance has qualified mechanics who will do the job in a few minutes. The electricalsystem key to keeping everything in the refrigerated truck working as it should. Technicians trained in this ares will help you maintain the performance required to power the reefer unit.

What is a Truck Reefer?

The truck is a semi-cab, it is a trailer that works as a refrigerator to carry frozen or cold products. A refrigerated truck should not be confused with refrigerated vans because these are only ventilated.

Instead, these trucks have a constant and active refrigeration system until the goods are unloaded. The operation of these units is by means of a closed system that removes heat to maintain the temperature.

The components of these refrigeration trucks are:

  1. Compressor: compresses the refrigerant in the form of gas

    generated by the refrigeration unit motor

  2. Condenser: when receiving the liquid from the compressor, it

    exchanges heat and then cools the outside air entering from

    the compressor fan.

  3. Evaporator: the indoor air passes through the evaporator to

    restart the cooling process with the other components.

we offer you the best maintenance for your truck reefer when you are on the road

Parts of the refrigerated truck

Although in appearance they are similar to standard trailers, inside they are composed of parts that allow their conditioning. It must contain a refrigerated unit that enables the cooling of the unit.

Also the insulated box, air duct, air suspension and a good air system for the tires

Which Are The Uses of a Truck Reefer?

The use of refrigerated trucks has made it possible to transport perishable products:

  • Frozen foods, especially animal protein

  • Fresh produce, vegetables, fruits or liquids requiring refrigeration: milk or chemicals

  • In some cases they are used to carry fresh flowers.

In general, refrigerated trucks are recurrent units in factories and food companies. In order to ship products that require a constant temperature to avoid damage and spoilage.

How to Maintain a Truck Reefer in Optimum Condition?

What is Reefer Trucking?

The loading unit must have excellent performance to take care of the integrity of the items being transported. Remember that the truck's engine also needs regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns that are detrimental to delivery.

Electrical System

Because this is a refrigerated truck, the electrical system requires special attention. This is because the refrigeration components need this type of power supply to operate.

Lack of electrical capacity in the unit would jeopardize the durability of the food and other materials inside the trailer. Having a good electrical service is the key to a failure-free refrigerated trailer.

Maintain and repair the electrical system with the help of the most experienced electrical mechanics. RoadPro Assistance provides you with qualified technicians to ensure that the temperature inside the refrigerated truck is always optimal.

Check the Truck Reefer Temperature

By checking that the temperature is correct for transporting certain foods and so on, you are taking care of the refrigerated box. First of all, because you avoid the decomposition of products that could contaminate the refrigerated trailer.

Having a sanitary control of the refrigerated cabin is essential to avoid infecting the next load. As a driver you must ensure the safety of what is being transported to meet customer demands.

Bacteria and mold must be eradicated at all costs to keep the cargo unit in excellent condition.

Routine Diagnostics

Consider assigning inspections to experts in the area, computer diagnostics is the best alternative. The refrigerated box needs to be inspected every time it is transported. Keep these tips in mind:
  • Manual calibration of the refrigerated trailer

  • Refrigeration components, such as the compressor, must

  • operate at full capacity.

  • With the help of expert mechanics, gas and oil leaks in the

  • engine can be evaluated.

  • Before leaving to deliver the load, check that the cooling box

  • belts and hoses are in good condition.

  • Monitor the refrigeration chamber door seal. If this seal does

  • not perform its function, there will be temperature leakage and therefore, the load will be at risk. In addition, the cooling unit will present problems thereafter.

  • Make the necessary revisions before each trip

In case of any inconvenience on the road, contact the RoadPro Assistance team. In a short time they will be repairing the breakdown of the refrigerated truck, in these cases, time plays against you.

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Oil and Cooling Unit Changes

Checking coolant levels and changing engine oil routinely are key to a successful delivery. Remember that oil should be changed every 5,000 km if the engine is expected to perform properly.

On the other hand, it is important to verify that there are no leaks that could contaminate the cooling trailer. To disassemble its components, it is essential to contact personnel trained for this job.

Accumulation of water, dust and other dirt are factors that do not allow a uniform temperature in the refrigerated truck. A constant temperature is possible when the accumulation of elements that contaminate the refrigerated box is avoided

tire change near me? RoadPro assistance 24/7 has the best services

Adequate Cleaning

Although it is in fifth place, this procedure is vital when it comes to transporting food. In the case of meats, cleaning must be carried out with care because there is usually blood residue or remains of the product.

Without proper sanitation, the next load will be contaminated with debris that was not removed. Sweeping and the use of chemicals for surface cleaning is a solution to these contamination traits.

A hose with water pressure is used for easy cleaning of the distilled biological material residues. As long as the refrigeration truck is properly cleaned, rust and corrosion are prevented.

Verify Safety Parameters

Along with safety certificates, customers will feel secure with the shipping service. Check the sanitation manuals that correspond to the place where you are. Training in this aspect provides benefits and allows you to obtain this certificate.

Manages the relevant information to prevent risks due to the presence of microbes in the products being moved. Microbial growth attracts contaminants such as viruses and parasites.

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