Wheel Repair

Wheels Repair

The wheels are the main responsible for the movement of any truck. They are the only elements in contact with the pavement and on which all the weight falls. Their care, maintenance and repair is essential for a safe and comfortable trip.We are not exempt from a flat tire on the road or any other tire failure. Fortunately, having a good tire repair service like RoadPro Assistance allows you to move with confidence in the shortest amount of time possible.Here are the causes of wheel failures and where to find wheels repair near me. Read on!

Drive with peace of mind with the best wheel repair service near you. Find out the causes of wheel failures and how to repair them 🚛🙌

Most Common Causes of Wheel Failure<

Heavy-duty vehicles demand more wear and tear on wheels and suspension. Most wheel failures can be avoided with preventive maintenance and a good wheels repair. This way you can make sure your truck's wheels are in top condition for the move.

These are the main causes of wheel failures:

  1. Tire Crystallization

When the truck is not moved for a long time, a process called tire crystallization occurs. This leads to a lack of pressure in them, and in addition the tread can rot due to humidity.

  1. Punctures

This is one of the most common causes of breakdowns on the road. Tires are more prone to punctures if they are very worn, old or expired. Also if the temperature has dropped, as the air pressure in the tires is reduced.

  1. Pressure Sensor Failure

Pressure sensors are usually out of adjustment on older wheels. When this happens it is necessary to change them in order to have the correct air pressure. Fortunately, with RoadPro you have wheels repair in any emergency.

  1. Uneven Wheel Wear

The correct shape of a tire is circular, and although it seems obvious, many drivers drive with deformed tires. At first glance it is difficult to identify, but over time the rubber becomes slightly squared off. This generates an uncomfortable vibration that in the long run damages the suspension, steering and other mechanical elements.

One of the reasons for uneven wear is having misaligned wheels, hence the importance of a good wheel alignment service.

  1. Valve wear

Valves are responsible for keeping the inner chamber of the wheel hermetically sealed and protecting the air pressure.n heir wear leads to intermittent leaks that accelerate wheel deterioration>.

  1. Bearing and Bushing Failures

This part of the wheels is not so well known or named. It is the link between the wheel and the truck. When they fail, they greatly deteriorate the useful life of the wheels.

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How Do I Know If I Need Mobile Wheel Repair?

Many drivers forget the importance of the good condition of truck tires. As mentioned before, they are the only components in contact with the road. For this reason, it is advisable to carefully observe the following signs that indicate a bad condition of wheel truck rims:

  • Continuous and uncomfortable vibration when driving.
  • Easily perceive the imperfections and unevenness of the road.
  • Slow or heavy steering.
  • Dragging sensation when driving.
  • Constant pull on the steering.
  • Sound or noise in the tire when cornering.
  • Alert in the tire pressure control system.
  • Wheels are deformed when mounting cargo.

How to Know if a Wheel is Repairable?

When there is tread damage located away from the sidewall of the wheel, it is usually repairable. Also, if the wheel is still in good condition and the damage refers to a slight puncture, it can be repaired.In the following cases the wheel is not repairable and requires replacement:

  • If the tire has less than 1.6 mm depth in the middle ¾ of the tread width.If there is weakness, damage or corrosion in the internal structure of the wheel.When the rubber is aged.If there have been multiple previous punctures.
  • What to Do in Case of Truck Wheel Tire Failure?

    There are many consequences of a tire failure. The best thing to do in these emergencies is to contact a good wheel repair mobile service near you.We advise you to park the truck in a safe place with little traffic. Warn other drivers of your situation by using the emergency triangle three meters away from the truck. Finally, wait for the attention of the professionals to solve the breakdown. Roadpro offers you the best wheels repair. Get immediate attention through our three contact mechanisms:

  • Cell phones call us at 470-750-2555.E-mail write to us detailing the problem to info@roadproassistance.com.Instant messaging: through our contact page.
  • No matter what time it is or where you are in Atlanta our professionals are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. RoadPro Assistance covers up to 100 miles around Atlanta.Visit our website and discover all the truck repair services we offer. Schedule your appointment with confidence. Remember that the quote is free. In addition, we have more interesting articles in our blog, where you’ll find more information to make your cargo truck work perfectly. Thank you for trusting RoadPro!