Find the Fastest Truck Service on the Road with a Single Call

Find the Fastest Truck Service on the Road with a Single Call
The best freight trucking service you can find here. Roadpro Assitence is your best choice in quality and speed. ⌚ We offer you instant solutions!

Did you suffer a breakdown in the middle of the road and don't know what to do? 

You can drive with the security and confidence of immediate emergency assistance  and truck service with a single call. RoadPro's mission is to fix any breakdown on the road to get you to your destination in no time. 

When you leave home to work in your truck, there is always the possibility of an unforeseen event on the road. It can be anything from something very minor, such as a flat tire, to more complex damage. 

It's important to have a truck service call near me on the road like RoadPro. Their repairs are the best in truck mechanics, because they have all the knowledge and spare parts to solve your problem quickly, practically and effectively.

RoadPro is a company that stands out for its high quality and efficiency when it comes to solving any breakdown on the road. Time is money, that's why we offer the best and most feasible road call service service for you.

What services does RoadPro offer you?

We know that in the event of a roadside emergency, immediacy and feasibility are a priority. RoadPro offers you a range of trucking services with the highest quality. Some of them are:
  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week service.
  • Service for your truck up to 100 miles from Atlanta.
  • Towing service.
  • Mechanical solution for all types of trucks.
  • Electrical troubleshooting for your truck, trailer, trailer or any other type of heavy vehicle.
  • Pneumatic troubleshooting.
  • Fuel delivery.
  • The best prices in the market for your pocket.
  • Multiple contact options.
  • Roadside assistance for commercial trucks 15-0000.
  • Roadside assistance for semi-trailers 8-0000.
  • Roadside assistance for trucks 12-0000.

About RoadPro Staff

All of our staff is professionally trained in diesel engines and heavy duty vehicles. For this reason, they offer a fast and accurate diagnosis, optimizing the solution to your truck's problem.

We have the most experience in repairing heavy vehicles. We have all the mechanical tools to make our truck service the best experience. We give reliability in all our repairs.

When to Contact a Truck Repair Service

You may feel you have the ability to fix your truck's problem, but nothing guarantees you'll get it fixed in time. Through our truck service call near me, you can get in touch with RoadPro to get your problem fixed quickly and keep you rolling.

We share with you the most common situations that usually occur on the road, so don't hesitate to call us:

Engine Overheating

No truck is immune to this problem, although it can be anticipated. This problem can result in a broken gasket or a fuel tank mishap. This mishap is very delicate, truck service call near me to a professional agency such as RoadPro.


Electrical System

This is generally one of the most affected areas. Since there is no visual exposure, it is more difficult to detect damage. In most cases, detecting these problems leads to the replacement of spare parts. One of the main causes is the change of high temperatures that cargo vehicles go through.

Starting Failure

This mechanical problem tends to occur at low temperatures. When winter arrives, we recommend that you check the truck's starter beforehand. Generally, the first signs of this problem will be felt in the starter motor when the key is turned on

Universal Joint Failure

Another common problem is the universal joint, which is the point where power is transferred to the transmission differential. If they are not well lubricated, they will begin to present problems in the wear of the components.

You will hear a clicking sound or at high speeds your vehicle will start to vibrate. This means that the universal joint needs to be replaced. At RoadPro you will get the best parts to solve this problem.


In cargo trucks, it is very common to have brake problems due to the heavy shifting they do on a daily basis. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to this part of the truck.

The problem in the brakes usually entails:

  • Internal water failure and contamination in the air supply and control system.
  • Compressor oil leakage.
  • External contamination and corrosion.
  • Air pressure leaks.
  • Reduced brake performance.


The main component of the tires, which makes your ride possible and fast, is called bearings. When you hear noise coming from your tires, it is because this component is worn out. It is also possible to feel instability in the ride or small shakes of the truck. All of these are signs of bearing damage.

It is important to check your tire pressure. If they are overinflated or underinflated, both will damage the tread.

Lift System

In trucks with heavier loads, this system is often damaged due to lack of maintenance. This system may be governed by hydraulic, mechanical or autonomous cylinder technology. RoadPro is a truck service call near me to find a solution for this problem.

Water pump

This problem occurs especially in environments with high temperatures. It is responsible for keeping the engine at the ideal temperature. If the pump is faulty, it will cause the engine to overheat.

Remember that at RoadPro we have the best road call service. So for any of these faults we will get you a timely and pocket-friendly solution.

Recommendations to Avoid a Breakdown

Cargo trucks have more wear and tear than any ordinary vehicle. That is why they need better care and attention to be in good shape. Most of them are commercial trucks, so stopping the movement of any of them can be a significant economic loss.

But don't worry, at RoadPro we care about your well-being and we leave you with the following recommendations to avoid a breakdown on the road. If you still have one, remember that you can count on our roadside call service to assist you with the utmost speed, reliability and efficiency.

Preventive Maintenance

Prevention is the solution to many problems in general. If we are talking about cargo trucks, it is important to maintain a constant revision with excellent mechanics like the ones we have at RoadPro. The most important components to check of your truck are:

  • Oil and coolant: maintaining the oil and coolant level will prevent engine wear.
  • Brake system: always check the condition of the brake pads and the brake fluid level.
  • Battery: to avoid discharging your battery, be careful not to leave any light on while the vehicle is off.
  • Visual verification of other details such as: mirrors, windshield wipers, fuel, among others.


Planning the transfer is essential. The driver must have prior knowledge of the destination. In this way, he/she will be sure of the conditions and climate of the route. Likewise, the driver must have the emergency contact of any agency or mechanic to help him. 

In addition, all drivers should be familiar with road safety etiquette.

How to Contact RoadPRo's service

RoadPro offers different ways to contact a truck service call near me. With any of them you will get the best immediate attention:

  • Phone Call: this is the most used and easiest modality in case of emergency. Our contact number is +1 470-750-255.
  • E-mail: this is another way to express your request. Here you can specify your problem in more detail. We will read to you immediately to solve it. Our e-mail address is
  • Messaging service: On our website, in the contact option, we have for you the messaging service. In which you will leave us your name, email and the reason for your inquiry or request to serve you effectively.

Why Choose RoadPro?

RoadPro Assistance gives you everything you need to get to your destination. With just one call you can access our trucking services and solve the problem that keeps you stopped, in a very short time.

We have the most experience in providing truck service calls near me, with the best reliability for your peace of mind. Our mechanics are studious and dedicated experts in the subject. They will give you the correct and accurate diagnosis.

We know that breaking down in the middle of the road can generate a lot of stress, so RoadPro also offers preventive maintenance services to avoid a breakdown in the middle of the road.

You can find out much more on our website. We are experts in heavy duty truck troubleshooting. You are our priority and getting you to your destination is our goal.

Thank you for choosing us!