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Learn how to identify bearing problems and find the best Atlanta mechanic in this articleđźš›

If you are a driver concerned about optimizing and maintaining the good performance of your vehicle, pay attention to the wheel bearings service. Although this part does not require much maintenance, its useful life is limited, and when it presents problems, it causes great inconveniences.

Do you know what the exact function of the bearing is? If not, read on. In this article we provide you with the most relevant information about this part. You will also find the best mechanic to repair it.

What are Wheel Bearings?

A wheel bearing is a roller or ball bearing that allows a wheel to rotate frictionlessly around an axle. This mechanical component is essential for safety, as they resist loads caused by acceleration, braking and cornering. It is therefore essential to replace them if they no longer function properly.

Generally speaking, wheel bearings are estimated to have a service life of 85,000 and 100,000 miles. However, this figure varies depending on quality and operating conditions.

Learn how to identify bearing problems and find the best Atlanta mechanic in this articleđźš›

Why are Bearings Important?

The bearings service fulfills several vital functions in your vehicle, among which the following stand out:

  • Reduce friction: bearings help the wheels turn easily, thus eliminating excessive friction between moving parts. This leads to less wear

    and greater efficiency in vehicle operation.

  • Load carrying: Bearings have the ability to support radial and axial loads. This distributes the weight of the vehicle evenly.

  • Maintain alignment: bearings help maintain wheel alignment and structural integrity, allowing for a smooth and safe vehicle ride.

  • Optimize efficiency: bearings contribute to vehicle efficiency, reduce drag and enable smoother operation. This improves both

  • performance and fuel economy.

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4 Frequent Wheel Bearing Failures

There are several indicators of bearing failure, such as:

You feel vibrations in your vehicle

If the bearing is failing, it will cause a vibration in the steering wheel when you change gears or turn. This influences your control levels over the truck and therefore also your safety.

Your Tires Are In Poor Condition

The bearing is an essential part for the proper functioning of your vehicle's wheels. If it is in poor condition, it causes uneven tire wear. In other words, tires can wear unevenly, to the detriment of the vehicle's stability and grip on the road.

Brake Damage

The bearing or wheel bearings can affect the brakes. This is because the brake rotor is aligned with the wheel bearings. If a bearing is loose or in bad condition, it affects the ability of the brakes to stop the vehicle effectively.

Therefore, it is important to keep the bearings in good condition to ensure optimum brake performance and vehicle safety.

Do you hear strange sounds

Hearing sounds such as grunting, clicking and buzzing are associated with signs of wheel bearing failure. Usually, these sounds indicate that the bearings just need lubrication. However, if the sounds persist, it is necessary to take your vehicle to the shop.

How long will a wheel bearing last after it starts making noises? In most cases it will hold up to 1000 miles, but it will all depend on the severity of the failure.

Where to Perform the Best Bearings Service Repairs?

As you may have noticed, bearings are an essential part of your vehicle. That's why it's crucial that you have the necessary repairs performed by highly trained mechanics.

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