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Truck AC Repair Near Me

Driving on days when temperatures are very high can cause a truck's air conditioning to work erratically. When the air conditioner breaks down, it not only causes discomfort due to the temperature, but can also make driving difficult, as the windows fog up.

It is important to have a good truck air conditioning repair service such as RoadPro Assistance, which provides safety and efficiency in the event of any breakdown.

In this article we tell you all about AC repair, diagnosis, services and recommendations to avoid an AC breakdown. Read on!

Causes of Air Conditioning Damage

The service life of the air conditioner is undetermined. It always depends on the use and maintenance it has received. Preventive maintenance is important to avoid any breakdown in the truck. The most common causes are:

Accumulation of Impurities in the Condenser

The air conditioning condenser is located at the front of the engine. It is responsible for converting liquids into gasses to expel heat. In the summer season it is common that this element is filled with particles of leaves, mosquitoes and dust. The solution to this is simple: clean the condenser with an air or water pump.

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Impurity Accumulation in the Air Conditioning Filter

The air conditioning filter has the function of preventing the passage of dust particles into the air conditioning system. It requires maintenance every 6 months to 1 year to reduce the accumulation of these particles.

When the AC filters are clogged, it prevents not only the passage of dust, but also the passage of air in general, straining the system. The solution to this is to perform the corresponding maintenance according to the use of the truck.

Refrigerant Leakage in Compressor

The compressor is responsible for cooling the refrigerant and keeping the air circulating. When it fails it is due to a malfunction in the hoses, either by a puncture in them or holes in the tubes. In addition, refrigerant levels may decrease over time due to metal corrosion or poor installation.

How to Diagnose an Air Conditioning System Failure?

Most drivers consider that the main reason for requesting an AC repair for trucks is the malfunction of the refrigerant. However, there are other causes to take into account. We list them below:

Signs of Poor AC Condition

These signs indicate that the AC is in need of truck AC repair near me:

  • Hot air.

  • Strange noises.

  • Low air pressure.

  • Foul odors.

  • Liquid leakage under the truck.

Check Air Conditioner Compressor

With the truck running, turn on the air conditioner and fan to the highest setting. Then open the hood and look at the compressor, the clutch should have engaged while the compressor is still turning. If the compressor is not turning, it is responsible for the failure.

Compressor Runs, But Hot Air Comes Out

If the air in the system is hot, it may be due to a problem in the coolant. Or the mixing door may be adding heat from the heater core to the cold air. Another culprit for this failure may be a heater control valve, when it generates hot coolant flow into the core.

When the air heats up at higher speeds, the fault is in the mixing door. But if the air is low in force and still hot, the fault may be a compressor stall.

Proper Air Circulation

Air circulation takes place in the condenser coil. If the condenser coil is clogged with dust or other particles, it cannot cool properly or condense the refrigerant vapor into liquid. If it is clean and unobstructed, the

Radiator Fans

This is in charge of bringing the air to the center of the radiator and sucking the air. It also cools the antifreeze that circulates through the main passages and maintains the engine temperature. If this part fails, it indirectly affects the system, especially the AC filters.

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How to Optimize Air Conditioner Lifetime?

Your truck’s AC fix will be deficient if you do it by yourself. That’s why you need the help of professional technicians.

At Roadpro we care about the well-being and performance of your vehicle. Therefore, we are going to give you the following recommendations to ensure a proper truck AC repair near me:

  1. Turn on the air in winter: despite the low temperature at this time of year, it is necessary to run the air conditioner to lubricate the connections and pipes. In this way, dust and particles are also moved. You can turn it on for a few minutes once a week.

  2. Avoid using it at its maximum power: this way you avoid overstressing and overheating some of the parts of the system.

  3. Shutting down the AC system before the motor: when the motor is shut down first, the compressor may remain on, causing unnecessary wear.

Air Conditioning Repair Services Near You

At Roadpro we offer you all the repair and maintenance services for your truck's AC to avoid breakdowns on the road. In addition, our team is trained to solve any mechanical, electrical or parts replacement problem that may be necessary.

Our AC repair for trucks include these services:

  • Air conditioning overhaul, diagnosis and maintenance.

  • Exchanges of damaged air conditioning parts for new parts of the best brands.

  • Repair of refrigerant leaks.

  • Repair of the electrical system.

  • Repair of the mechanical system of the air conditioning parts in the compressor, pulleys and belts.

  • Repair of damage to the condenser due to impacts or accidents.

  • Repair of the truck adapter.

How to Contact Roadpro Assistance?

If you need professionals for truck AC repair near me and other services, the best choice in Atlanta is Roadpro. We cover up to 100 miles around Atlanta. Our services are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

You can contact us through:

  • Cell phone: call 470-750-2555.

  • E-mail: describe the problem and request information from

  • Instant messaging: access our contact page.

In all options you can explain in detail the breakdown and schedule an appointment for repair. You will receive the best attention from professionals in the field. In addition, you can request your quote for free.

Keep exploring our blog to learn how to take care of your truck, thank you for choosing us!