Emergency Roadside Assistance

Emergency Roadside Assistance

At RoadPro, we know that driving a heavy-duty truck is a challenge, especially when there are breakdowns on the road. Luckily, we offer roadside assistance emergency for truckers, 24 hours a day, every day. We operate in Atlanta and 100 miles around. Read on to learn more about our services.

Emergency Heavy Truck Repair

Both your safety and your finances depend on the vehicle you drive being in good condition. The best way to avoid a truck breakdown is to have it serviced before every trip.

However, there are situations that are impossible to foresee. In those cases your most reliable option is to contact heavy duty truck repair, precisely what we offer at RoadPro.

fast, efficient, reliable emergency roadside assistance day and night

Our team arrives where you are in a matter of minutes. We have all-terrain vehicles and the necessary tools to solve any problem, from changing tires to repairs in the internal systems of the truck or semi-trailer.

On the other hand, we have years of experience and veteran mechanics in heavy truck repair. You can be sure that your problem will be solved quickly and efficiently.

What services does RoadPro offer?

If you are in a bind on the road due to a vehicle failure, don't hesitate to contact us. We guarantee speed and efficiency in the following services:

Emergency roadside repair

When you contact RoadPro, we respond immediately, so that in case of an emergency you will receive a safe and fast response. No matter what type of roadside assistance emergency your vehicle requires, we move to your vehicle's location to perform it.

Hydraulic and Suspension Repair

The hydraulic and suspension systems are very important, as they cushion the irregularities of the terrain and influence braking. That is why they should be checked every 6 months or less. We have everything you need for roadside assistance for truckers to do routine maintenance and repair in both cases.

Fleet Engine Rebuilds

If you own your own fleet of trucks, you know that a couple of damaged engines translates into a lot of money lost. At RoadPro, we rebuild your fleet's engines at a generous price. Likewise, we can repair any other type of failure in your entire fleet of trucks, because we have the necessary tools and equipment.

Motor Oil and Lubricants

Every good driver knows that a lack of engine oil can completely melt the machine. Having quality lubricants in the necessary quantities is essential to ensure a safe journey. That's why RoadPro guarantees you roadside assistance emergency that includes oil changes and efficient lubrication.

Motor Oil and Lubricants

Preventive Maintenance Service

The best way to prevent accidents and breakdowns on the road is with a vehicle in good condition. Our maintenance service focuses on checking all the systems of your truck

We also maintain complete fleets of heavy trucks, because we have the necessary material and human resources. If you need a Bus repair near me, contact us.

Hub Replacement

The hub is a crucial part for the correct functioning of the steering, but in heavy-duty vehicles, it often breaks down. This problem is accentuated when there are many irregularities in the terrain. RoadPro's team is trained to repair or replace it if necessary.

Heavy Truck Parts in General

Your trailer must also be kept in good condition and part of that job involves buying replacement parts. At RoadPro we offer genuine parts, all of excellent quality and at affordable prices. Our emergency roadside assistance service brings the parts to you wherever you are

Brake Service

The importance of functional brakes cannot be overemphasized. In some cases, effective brake response makes the difference between life and death. If you need a complete brake overhaul, we are at your disposal.

Air Conditioning Repair

Although it is not a crucial system for the correct operation of the truck, the comfort inside the cab ensures the driver's good performance.

Besides, summers are hotter than ever, so it is always convenient to have a functional air conditioner. That's why we also take care of servicing and repairing the air conditioning in your vehicle.

Refrigerant Leak Repair

When we talk about roadside assistance emergency, one of the most requested services is the repair of coolant leaks, which can cause the melting of important parts. It is of vital importance to solve this type of breakdowns as soon as possible, that's why we take care of repairing them quickly

Liftgate Repair

If your truck's liftgate is broken, it's possible to lose your cargo or get into legal trouble. We repair any problem in a matter of minutes so that your truck's liftgate works perfectly.

Tire Replacement and Repair

A flat tire requiring heavy duty truck repair is very common. That's why we are prepared to replace the tires or repair them, if possible. If you wish to change them, we can put new or used tires in perfect condition, according to your preference.

Fuel Filters - Oil Filters - Air Conditioner Filters

Sometimes it is difficult to get the specific filter your truck uses. At RoadPro you will find many makes and models of fuel, oil and air conditioning filters. Just contact us and our technicians will select and install your replacement filter

Why Choose RoadPro as your Trucking Road Service?

We know how complex it is to find a good and reliable truck repair service that is also kind to your pocket. Here are a few reasons that make us an excellent emergency roadside assistance service:

Specialized Assistance

There are many roadside assistance emergency, but few specialize in trucks. We are experts in trucks, heavy vehicles, recreational vehicles, buses and semi-trailers. Thanks to our 4x4 trucks, we carry everything necessary to solve any failure in cars with these characteristics.

Total Coverage in Atlanta and Surrounding Areas

There is no road inaccessible to RoadPro, our services cover all of Atlanta and 100 miles around. In other words, we can reach any location within this range in a matter of minutes.

24 Hour Assistance

As a heavy-duty driver, you often drive at night. A mechanical failure in the dark is more disturbing, but that's not a problem with our emergency roadside assistance service, as we are available 24 hours a day. Plus, we work any day of the week, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


Complete Equipment

At RoadPro we have all the tools and parts necessary to roadside assistance for truckers any breakdown of your truck. When you contact us, all you have to do is specify the situation of your truck and our experts will know what equipment to bring with you. In case you need a spare part unexpectedly, we will find it quickly so that you can continue with your work.

We Repair Any Breakdown

Our staff has years of experience in truck mechanics and electronics. Therefore, they are prepared to face any challenge strategically. It doesn't matter if it's changing a tire, fuel filter or redoing part of the engine. Whatever your vehicle's situation, you can count on our emergency roadside assistance.

Good Prices

We'll be honest: offering extremely low prices is often a sign of poor service. However, we care about our customers and we know how expensive it is to maintain a heavy vehicle. That's why we try to offer good prices, within reasonable margins and commensurate with the services.

Warranty Repairs

A sure sign of good service is a guarantee that the job will be done right. And if the fault recurs, RoadPro will come to your aid at no additional cost.

RoadPro, the Best Emergency Roadside Assistance

We've already taken a look at what we can do for you and why you should choose us. If you still have any doubts, we invite you to look for online reviews of our Bus repair near me.

Remember that you can request our roadside assistance emergency by calling or sending a text message to the following number: 470-750-2555. We will also respond to your message if you write to us at info@roadproassistance.com or directly on our website

In addition, we invite you to check out our blog. There you will find articles with information about the maintenance of your vehicle and about the correct repair of heavy trucks. Thank you for choosing us!

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