When to Call for Roadside Assistance? 10 Reasons Why You Need It

When to Call for Roadside Assistance? 10 Reasons Why You Need It
Discover 10 essential reasons to request roadside assistance and keep your semi truck moving safely and efficiently.

On the road, unforeseen events arise at any time, leaving drivers stranded and in potentially dangerous situations. Knowing when to call for roadside assistance makes the difference between a stressful experience and a quick and safe solution.

Semi-trailers, because of their size and heavy use, face unique challenges on the road. Having a reliable roadside assistance plan prepares you for the unexpected and keeps you and other drivers safe.

At RoadPro, we'll tell you the top 10 reasons why you should consider requesting roadside assistance. Read on to ensure that your trip continues smoothly and that you can face any breakdown with confidence and peace of mind.

10 Reasons for Calling Roadside Assistance

Do not hesitate to request roadside assistance if any of the following circumstances occur:

  1. Engine Failure

Engine failures are one of the most common causes of on-road problems for any type of vehicle. These breakdowns range from minor problems, such as a broken belt, to major failures, such as engine overheating or a problem with the fuel injection system.

When the motor fails, it is crucial to get assistance quickly to avoid further damage and minimize downtime.

Roadside assistance offers services such as diagnosis and emergency repair and, if necessary, towing the vehicle to the workshop. This ensures that your semi truck is repaired efficiently and safely, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

  1. Flat or Blown Tire

What to do when you have a flat tire? If you notice vibrations or strange noises coming from a tire, the best thing to do is to stop the semi-trailer. Call roadside assistance as soon as possible to prevent further damage or even an accident.

Tires are the point of contact between a vehicle and the road, so their condition is critical to road safety. A flat or blown tire can trigger a serious accident, especially on busy highways or in adverse weather conditions.

Roadside assistance professionals perform the following functions:

  • They perform tire repairs and/or tire changes on site, even in difficult conditions.

  • They use specialized tools and equipment to ensure the safety of the process.

  • They provide preventive maintenance tips to avoid future tire problems.

  1. Battery discharged

If you notice your semi truck is losing power, having dim lights and electrical component failures, the battery may be dead. Time is critical in the transportation industry, and a dead battery can mean costly delays and loss of productivity.

Roadside assistance offers fast and efficient solutions to get your semi truck back up and running in the shortest possible time. Technicians can determine what the problem is with the battery and will perform a safe jumpstart of the semi truck.

  1. Keys Locked in the Vehicle

Don't worry if due to carelessness or doing quick tasks outside the vehicle you have left the keys locked inside. Locking the keys inside the vehicle is a frustrating situation that can affect any driver. However, don't try to open or force the door, because you may cause damage that can make the problem worse.

Roadside assistance offers unlocking services to solve this situation without causing any damage. The mobile truck repair team uses safe techniques and proper tools to recover the keys fastly and safely.

  1. Lack of fuel

Don't be distressed if you run out of fuel and find yourself far from a service station or in the middle of nowhere. Running out of fuel is a setback that occurs even with careful planning during long trips. Roadside assistance includes fuel delivery services to help drivers continue their trip without interruption.

The mobile assistance team will bring fuel directly to the location of your semi truck. Just remember to mention the specific diesel your semi-truck uses for them to bring a compatible one. This will allow you to get to the nearest service station for proper refueling.

  1. Brake System Problems

As soon as you notice that your vehicle is not responding well to the brakes, stop and call for roadside assistance immediately. Brake system problems are critical and potentially dangerous for heavy vehicles on the road. These problems can include brake failure, loss of hydraulic pressure or excessive brake pad wear.

Roadside assistance provides fast and effective responses to these emergencies, offering accurate diagnostics and brake system repairs. In more serious cases, it is safer to tow the vehicle to a specialized workshop for more extensive repairs.

Timely intervention by trained professionals not only restores the semi truck's operability, but also ensures the safety of the driver, cargo and other road users.

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  1. Motor Overheating

Engine overheating is a constant threat, especially during extended trips or in extreme weather conditions. Extreme load conditions, lack of coolant or cooling system failure can cause this problem. It is a significant risk to the safety and performance of the semi-trailer.

Fortunately, roadside assistance offers immediate solutions to combat engine overheating. These specialized services provide expert care at the scene of the incident, including:

  • Coolant Level Evaluation and Correction: coolant level and condition are checked, topped up or replaced if necessary.

  • Diagnosis of Possible Leaks: the cooling system is thoroughly inspected for leaks or weak points that may be causing refrigerant loss.

  • Identification of Other Related Problems: a complete analysis of the cooling system is performed to detect any other faults or anomalies that are contributing to the overheating.

  1. Electrical Problems

Beyond the battery, your semitrailer can suffer electrical failures that affect several components from lights to critical systems. Some of the most common problems and warning signs are:


  • Dim or flickering lights.

  • Difficulty starting the engine.

  • Strange noises.

    Starting System:

  • Clicking noises when trying to start.

  • The motor turns over, but does not start.

  • White or black smoke when trying to start.

    Electrical Wiring:

  • Lights that turn on or off randomly.

  • Frequently blown fuses.

  • Burnt smell.

    Electronic Components:

  • Warning lights on.

  • Problems with the air conditioning system.

  • Faults in the infotainment system.

For any electrical problem, request a roadside assistance team immediately to avoid risks on the road. Specialists will make an accurate diagnosis and make the appropriate repairs.

  1. Transmission Problems

Transmission problems are serious, as they can mean loss of power or inability to shift gears. How do you know if there is a transmission failure? Pay attention to these signs:

Motor Oil and Lubricants

    Strange Noises: if you hear squeaking, knocking or humming noises coming from the transmission.

    Difficulty Shifting Gears: if you notice that the gearshift lever sticks or it is difficult to engage the gears.

    Loss of Power: if the semi truck does not respond as usual or feels sluggish when accelerating.

    Fluid Leaks: check under the semi truck for oil or transmission fluid stains.

    Burning Smell: if you notice a burning smell coming from the transmission.

In the face of these warning signs, do not risk continuing your trip. You will need roadside assistance and towing if possible. In case of a minor problem, technicians will make repairs on site. Otherwise, your semi truck will need to be towed to provide more adequate service.
  1. Oil change

When you're driving your semi truck, there are several signs that indicate an urgent oil change is needed. Paying attention to these symptoms can prevent major problems and ensure that your vehicle runs efficiently:

    Engine Warning Light: The engine or oil warning light on the dashboard may indicate that the oil level is low.

    Unusual Engine Noises: If you hear knocking or rattling noises coming from the engine, it may be a sign that the oil is not lubricating properly.

    Dark Smoke Exhaust: Dark smoke coming out of the exhaust can be an indication that the oil is burning excessively due to deterioration.

    High Mileage: If you've driven a significant amount of miles since your last oil change, it's probably time for an oil change.

    Dirty or Thick Oil: if you check the oil level and notice that the oil is dark and thick, it has lost its effectiveness and needs to be replaced.

    Reduction in Engine Performance: a decrease in fuel efficiency or overall engine performance may indicate that the oil needs to be changed.

If you notice any of these signs while driving, it is important to act immediately to avoid serious engine damage. Roadside assistance will provide you with a quick and proper oil change for your semi truck's engine.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is a comprehensive service designed to provide immediate support to vehicles while on the road. Whether it is a mechanical, electrical or any other type of breakdown, they got you covered.

This service offers a wide range of solutions, including tire changes, battery jump starts, fuel delivery, unlocking services and much more. For heavy-duty vehicles, mobile truck repair provides specialized support for the largest and most complex systems of semi trucks.

In the semi-trailer business, time is money, so roadside assistance is a critical service. The success of the transport will depend on an express service like this because the quick repair of a breakdown will be helpful to meet the delivery time and keep the cargo safe.


Roadside Assistance Benefits

When you call for roadside assistance for your semi truck, these are some of the benefits you enjoy:

    Immediate Attention: no more long waits on the road. Roadside assistance gives you the help you need at the right time.

    Professional Support: a specialized team will be at your disposal to solve the problem efficiently and safely.

    Broad Coverage: this service protects you in a variety of situations, from simple breakdowns to more complex incidents.

    Peace of Mind at all Times: travel with the confidence of knowing that you have the support of roadside assistance in case of any unforeseen event.

    Efficiency: minimizes downtime by addressing problems quickly, thus helping to maintain delivery schedules.

    Cost Savings: prevents small problems from escalating into major repairs, thus saving on costly emergency repairs and possible late delivery penalties.

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