24 Hour Roadside Assistance

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

RoadPro provides you the best mobile repair you'll get in Atlanta and within 100 miles around. Our skilled mechanics are available 24 hours a day to give the best repair service wherever you are.

RoadPro's Best Features

A wide variety of vehicles can be found on the roads. They all share a common risk: the danger of accidents at any time of the day. For this reason, it is essential to have the number of the best roadside assistance available 24 hours a day in your telephone contact list. Without a doubt, that assistance is RoadPro

Get to know all we can offer for trucks, semi-trailers, heavy vehicles and recreational vehicles.

Roadside assistance 24 Hours

Problems with your vehicle in the middle of the night?

Whether you drive a truck, semi-trailer or RV, we know that repairing a breakdown after hours is a priority. That's why you need quality 24-hour roadside assistance service - and that's exactly what we offer at RoadPro! We provide the most complete and best roadside assistance service to a 100-mile radius around Atlanta

No matter the type of failure, our specialized mechanics will be available to help you, no matter what time you contact us

your reliable roadside assistance, day and night, just a phone call away.

A Mechanical and Electrical Team Of Experts

What sets us apart as the best 24 hour roadside assistance is our knowledge.

Many vehicle breakdowns are complex, and our experts are the most qualified to solve them. We have specialized technicians in the area of electricity and automotive mechanics.

At RoadPro, you can count on expert electrician mechanics to provide you with quality trailer and horse trailer repair solutions. No matter how complex the breakdown, our roadside assistance service is available 24 hours a day to help you at all times.

Truck Oil Change

Each type of vehicle has customized needsn ith respect to how often it needs an oil change

The recommended oil change interval for trucks is in the range of 9,900 to 31,000 miles. For semi-trailers it is advised to replace the oil every 25,000 miles. On the other hand, for fleets, oil replacement is suggested around 16,000 miles to ensure performance.

The frequency will be related to the age of the vehicle, driving habits and the type of terrain you drive on. To know when an oil change is needed, you should pay attention to the following signs:

  • Old and degraded oil samples.

  • The oil sensors are illuminated on your dashboard.

  • Excessive engine noise and vibration.

  • Smoke in the exhaust system.

  • Presence of oil odor inside the cabin.

  • The oil level is descending.

If you have any of these signs, it's time to call RoadPro for an oil change. In addition, our mechanics will provide you with lube and oil filter change services to keep your vehicle in top condition.

Refrigerant Leak Repair

It is important to detect coolant leaks early to avoid problems such as engine overheating and reduced MPG To diagnose a coolant leak in your truck check the following:

  • Check the radiator cap for leaks.

  • Fluorescent leaks are detected

  • There are faults in the water pump.

  • Presence of a sweet aroma in your vehicle. To better perceive this aroma, bring your nose close to the wheel arches of the front axle,

  • where the engine is located.

  • The motor shows signs of overheating.

  • And if you want to make sure that there is a leak in the coolant, you can perform an analysis on the most recent used oil. In the results

  • of this report you will see the potassium and sodium index. If you notice that sodium and potassium are present in noticeable concentrations it means a coolant leak

Mechanical Repairs

Want to make sure your vehicle receives the best mechanical repairs? At RoadPro, we are committed to providing you with exceptional service with lasting results. We are your 24-hour roadside assistance and guarantee quality mechanical repairs to extend the life of your vehicle.

Among the different types of mechanical repairs you will get from RoadPro are:

  • Brake service.

  • Repair of suspension and hydraulics.

  • Wheel hub replacement.

  • Forced regeneration.

  • Fuel and air conditioning filters.

  • Gladhand and Tri Way line replacement.

Electrical Repairs

The importance of electrical repairs should not be underestimated. A well-maintained electrical system ensures the optimal and safe operation of your vehicle. At RoadPro we understand its importance and that's why we specialize in providing quality electrical repairs.

We have advanced programs for a complete electrical maintenance and solve any automotive electrical need that your vehicle requires. Our services include:

  • Air conditioning repair.

  • Board codes.

  • Computer diagnostics.

  • Corrective electrical maintenance.

No matter when you need help on the road, we are here for you with our 24-hour roadside assistance services.

Fleet System

>RoadPro provides fleet engine rebuild services. Our mechanics will provide you with a complete service. This includes disassembling the engine, cleaning it, performing a diagnosis, replacing damaged or worn parts and assembling the engine. In addition, our experts perform tests to ensure proper operation./p>

Spare parts

Do you want a new original spare part or would you prefer a used one?

Either way, you can count on RoadPro. need general trailer parts, transmission parts or even a tire change, you'll get it with RoadPro. Our 24-hour roadside assistance service has a wide variety of genuine and used parts in top condition.

And don't worry about installation, our mechanics will take care of all the work.

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Regular maintenance of your vehicle helps to avoid breakdowns or premature wear and tear. It is advisable to perform this type of service for the following reasons:

  • Improved safety: a vehicle in good condition is less prone to breakdowns that can lead to an accident.

  • Reduce costs: regular maintenance can prevent more complex and costly problems such as transmission and engine repair.

  • Increases performance: a vehicle in excellent condition consumes less fuel.

  • Increases durability: PM helps prevent premature deterioration of vehicle components, which prolongs their useful life.

RoadPro offers you the best preventive maintenance service. Contact us and you will receive a free quote on the problem your vehicle is having. We have the tools and quality workmanship to perform high quality repairs.

Repairs to Liftgates

Lift doors allow safe and efficient access to the cargo area. However, they can be subject to wear and tear. To find out if you have a problem with your liftgate, evaluate the following symptoms:

  • The motors do not work.

  • There are leaks in the hydraulic cylinders or hoses.

  • The platform does not open and close properly.

  • When you operate the elevator, it exhibits unstable movements.

  • The platform descends slowly and steadily when raised.

At any of these signs, an expert repair is needed. At RoadPro, we have experienced mechanics for aerial lift repair service. You won't have to worry about misalignment or malfunction in the future.

RoadPro More than 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

RoadPro is not just a 24-hour roadside assistance, it is much more than that. It is your trusted companion, which gives you peace of mind and security in your travels.

If you're looking for a complete service to back you up in any emergency situation on the road, our team is the answer. With its extensive network of trained professionals and quick response, you can be sure you'll get help when you need it most.RoadPro

But RoadPro doesn't stop at emergency situations. It also offers preventive maintenance and specialized services to suit trucks, RVs, trailers and semi-trailers.

So what are you waiting for? Everything you need is here with RoadPro. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about how RoadPro can make your on-road experience much safer and more enjoyable. You won't regret making this smart choice.